What We Do

Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure is the combination of all your company’s collective technology resources. Workstations, network equipment, software, printers, etc. Anything connected to – or accessed through – your network, is part of your infrastructure. You need all of them to run your business at peak efficiency, but managing all of that is quite an undertaking! It gets still more complex with so many now working from home for the first time, using residential internet and personally-owned computers. Luckily, managing this chaotic tech-salad is exactly what we do.

JCS employs modern tools to allow for secure remote management of the entire network. We use modern, secure, cloud-enabled hardware and software for our deployments and can also manage most existing business-class network devices. The benefit is two-fold:

  1. You have one less major headache to deal with.
  2. We can monitor for issues, breakdowns, outages, and potentially malicious activity in real-time without getting in anyone’s way.

Truly a win/win!

Ongoing Maintenance

Over time, systems get bogged down with temporary files, old updates, etc. Sure, you could run a bunch of separate tools yourself, but that’s simply time wasted. Wouldn’t that be better spent doing something actually productive for the business? Our tools allow us to automate most of the maintenance your workstations require to keep them running quickly and efficiently.

System patching, new “firmware” (updates to hardware devices), and more all need to be kept up-to-date. Those who aren’t in the IT industry tend to put these off in favor of more direct business priorities. As a result, updates seem to happen in the middle of the work day, right when you’re dealing with something actually urgent. By monitoring and managing all of these devices, we can make sure that everything is patched and updated regularly and on a schedule that suits the way you work.

Seriously… don’t waste time (or payroll) having you or your employees doing basic IT “grunt work”. Let JCS handle that. This lets you focus on making your customers and clients happy. They, and your bottom-line, will thank you.

Cyber Security

What is cyber security?

Cyber security is not just installing antivirus on your workstation or laptop. In fact, it’s not even the bare minimum. Systems, networks, connected devices, cloud computing… nearly everything is connected now, therefore everything needs to be protected. Also consider all the online services you use every day. Add them up and the number of ways your company’s data can be compromised increases exponentially.

Cyber security isn’t something you can just buy. It’s a multi-layered process that is continual and ever-changing. Even a trained and seasoned IT professional cannot possibly keep up without specialized tools, so how could the average user?

JCS has partnered with some of the top security firms in the industry to provide you with the latest proven protections for every level of your company’s infrastructure. Since no one product is infallible, we take a layered approach, combining multiple technologies into a complete solution. We also continually evaluate the “stack” to account for new technologies and new threats. No need to worry about the individual parts, we handle all of it.

Hardware Refresh

Businesses require proper equipment that’s built for the task, and it all needs to be supported by the manufacturer to avoid sudden costly repairs and even more costly downtime. Even the best equipment is subject to component failure, so making sure replacement parts are on their dime is important. You should never have to pay for replacement parts or the labor involved.

JCS is capable of performing repairs, and will when necessary, but it’s far more efficient, expedient, and cost-effective to have all your hardware under warranty. So much so, in fact, that we require it.

We will determine if your environment is current and stable enough for a maintenance contract. If it’s not, we’ll come back with a proposal for how we’ll get you there, along with options on how to fit it into your operating budget so that you’re not having to take a second mortgage on your home or sell a kidney.

JCS has partnered with some of the top manufacturers in the industry to ensure high-quality, stable hardware that’s fully supported for 3-5 years. Why would you ever buy hardware that the manufacturer won’t stand behind? We don’t, and neither should you.

Vendor Management

How many vendors do you interact with for all the services you need to run your business? Between phone/VoIP, internet, industry-specific Line-of-Business software and services, accounting systems… the list goes on.

Think about how much time is spent on the phone with your vendors in a given year. Now multiply that by the effective hourly rate of the employee(s) that have to deal with them. Starts to get expensive, right? Make us the point of contact for these vendors. This spares you the time and frustration of dealing with tech support yourself and keeps us directly in the loop. As a result, you stop wasting otherwise-productive time and can focus on running the business.

Nobody likes dealing with vendor tech support (even us). However, we’re quite proficient at it, and better us than you, right? Right!

Additionally, we audit your phone and internet bills for opportunities to save money, replace or upgrade outdated hardware, and improve service… or simply make sure you’re getting what you’re paying for.

*Note: “complete” is a bit of a moving target… again; no solution, no matter how comprehensive, is infallible. That’s why we constantly review, revise, and adapt.