Preventive maintenance

machine crop

Safeguard your computer against problems that could slow it down, whether it’s malware, system-level corruption, or hardware issues. Most problems I see are preventable with a little care, some basic training, and the appropriate software. Even data loss due to hardware failure is avoidable if proper precautions are taken. This doesn’t mean you’re invulnerable, just that you’re doing your part to keep your computer healthy and happy. Your car gets regular maintenance to keep you safe on the road … why shouldn’t your computer — guardian of all your data — get the same treatment?


Coming soon: remote monitoring and maintenance packages for individuals and small businesses. I can notify you of problems before they cause any real issues, sometimes even getting the minor ones resolved without you ever missing a beat! Wouldn’t you like to know if your hard drive is dying BEFORE Windows stops booting up? This can help! Please contact me if you are interested in trying this out. It’s not ready yet, but I’ll be keeping a list of those who see the value in proactive computer care.