New computer setup

computer-setup crop

Got a new computer? Laptop, desktop, doesn’t matter. I can set it up by installing the software you need, configuring your security setup, and hooking it up to the networks and peripherals you use.

System setup is more or less fairly straightforward. What isn’t are all the changes that come with new hardware and a new operating system. It’s a good bet that if you’ve picked up a new computer, it’s not going to have the same version of Windows you had before. Especially now, with Windows 8, there’s going to be a learning curve. Let me navigate the back-end stuff so you can focus on getting acquainted with the new interface. I’ll show you some tips and shortcuts to make the transition easier and as painless as possible. While it will take some getting used to, I promise it’s not as bad as some would have you think. (I actually rather like it.)

If you had an existing security suite (often referred to as “internet security” or “antivirus”), you probably had something you were using before. If you do, we can transfer that license to the new system to pick up where you left off. If you don’t know or didn’t have anything (oops…), I’ll get you set up with something better than the preinstalled trial you likely have now. I’m an authorized AVG reseller, so your security will be handled, should it otherwise fall short.

Do you need your data transferred from the old system to the  new one? Not a problem!!! I’ve done this hundreds of times and, as long as the old hard drive actually functions, I shouldn’t have any trouble getting all your pictures, music, documents, spreadsheets, etc moved on over.

Make sure you have any relevant installation discs, download links, and license keys ready for any software you want installed. Fair warning, however… I’ll only install legitimate software. I don’t sell, supply, link to, recommend, or install pirated software. I just don’t do it. Please don’t ask.

How is your wireless network set up? Is it secure? If you’re not sure, I’m happy to take a look and make sure it’s locked down and safe from those who would try to access from outside.