Here are some common questions and issues that may address what you’re experiencing …

My computer is broken / doesn’t work / died…
My computer is dead…my LIFE is on that thing!!
My system used to be so fast, but lately, it’s been CRAWLING…
(Insert issue here)… can you help?

While I’ll need a little more information than that, there’s an excellent chance I can. With a few questions I can start to hone in on the problem and hopefully take some of the stress out of your situation!

As long as your hard drive still physically functions, I can help you get it back in most cases, even if the rest of the system ends up a glorified doorstop.

There are several possibilities, but the three main ones are overheating (most common on laptops), low memory, and malware. Whatever the case, I can handle it and have you back up and running at full speed in no time. Should something more be needed, I’ll let you know what your options are before proceeding.

I clicked a link without thinking/downloaded a program from some random website and think the system’s now infected. Am I screwed?

Nope, you’re just another victim of the increasingly sophisticated methods of scammers trying to get at your money through any means possible. Turn off your system and call me. DO NOT put it off or ignore it. Unlike when we get sick ourselves, it WILL NOT just go away in time!

I bought and installed a new router, but my laptop/wireless printer/etc. won’t connect. What did I do wrong?

Honestly, probably nothing. Most routers are set up to work just by plugging them in, but you still need to make sure it’s configured properly. Even the best “Setup Wizard” program can’t account for all variables. Let me set it up and get it configured securely. You don’t want your neighbors or random passer-by to be using your bandwidth or accessing your network, right?

I just bought a new computer and got it home. I think it’s hooked up right, but what’s all this crap already installed?

Most computer manufacturers reduce costs by getting kickbacks for pre-installing “OEM” and trial software. While it makes the computer cheaper, it also slows down a brand new computer before it’s even had a chance to shine. On top of that, the most important software on the computer is the security…and that’s almost always a trial … and they choose it for you! I can get all that crap cleaned off, set up the security software YOU want (and if you don’t know, I have offerings of my own), and make sure your system is as fast and reliable as we both know it should be.

I just bought a new (insert gadget here) and have no idea where to even begin using it…help?

Let me sit down with you and go over how media players and related gadgets work together and how to make the most of them!

I just had a new HDTV delivered and set up, but the picture looks like crap. Do I send it back?

Actually, chances are either the display setting is misconfigured, or you’re watching a non-HD channel. I can go over the different options and channel types with you so you can make sure you’re watching CSI and Food Network the way they were intended!

I don’t know what’s wrong…I’m so STUPID about computers!

It’s not a matter of intelligence…it’s a matter of how our brains are “wired” (ok, pun slightly intended). Some people crunch numbers as easily as walking. (Not I.) Others coordinate multinational corporate meetings without breaking a sweat. (No chance.) I fix computers…and I’m very good at it.
I also deal with internet connectivity issues and speak “Tier-one-ese” for handling 3rd-party tech support calls outsourced to India/Pakistan (so you don’t have to).

Why should I go to you, rather than a big retailer?

I realize that you can just call a “Geek-in-a-box” service…they seem to be “all the rage” these days, but what are you really getting?  It’s not about certifications (anyone can get certified these days), it’s about reliability and experience.

With them, you get whomever is on duty at that particular time.
I run a business…I’m ALWAYS on duty! (Though, please…no 4am calls…even the tech-savvy need sleep.)

If they screw up, the company might send out someone else to fix it, meaning you get to explain all over again.
If I screw up (rare, but I’m human), I own up and get it taken care of. Few things irk a good tech more than an unsolved issue!

That literally means I want it fixed as badly as you do!

That also means that if I make a mistake, for whatever reason, I’ll fix it (no additional charges, obviously).
Good thing I rarely make mistakes.

The “geek-in-a-box” services are good enough for some…
But you have a better choice…

(I use the term “geek-in-a-box” generically to refer to all the uniformed, bug-style-car-driving services out there…and there’s quite a few. It does not refer to any specific company.)

Why aren’t you a data recovery specialist?  What’s the difference between what you do and what they do?

Specializing in data recovery requires a lot of expensive, intensive training and specific tools I don’t have access to.  Could I learn?  Sure.  Will it help my business?  No…  because data recovery specialization pretty much requires full-time dedication to that process and I have whole computers to fix.  There’s plenty of others who HAVE trained and HAVE access to the technology.  Just be forewarned…  they’re not cheap.

My suggestion?  PLAN AHEAD.  Don’t get caught with a dead drive and a river of tears…  been there, done that, wrote the book, but didn’t learn my lesson the first time and didn’t back it up.  Learn from my mistake!  (Ok, there was no book…  but my point is valid!)

What is the best way to reach you?

You can reach me by phone, text, or email—but phone will almost always be fastest.

The number listed on this site is my mobile number. If I happen to miss your call, I’ll return it within a few hours (usually within a few minutes).

Email responses may take 24-48 hours, though I do try to get to them within a few hours.

*NEW: Click the “Request Support” link at the top of the page and fill out the form! This DOES NOT obligate you in any way, but saves me a step in creating a support ticket for you and gets you into the queue. Follow that up with a phone call and we’ll be that much closer to getting you taken care of!

If you’re not sure what to do, just call. Whether you have a problem to be solved, or just want to prevent them in the future, I can help!

What forms of payment do you accept?

You can pay with Cash, Check, Money Order, Credit Card, Chase QuickPay, or PayPal. If you prefer another method that I haven’t listed, ask me…I might be able to set it up!

Got a problem, question, or concern I haven’t mentioned?

Just ask me!