Cyber Security

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We’ve all seen the news articles. We’ve all heard about the reports. Large organizations like Target, Home Depot, and Equifax got hit with malware a few years ago, compromising customer data, payment info, etc. In 2019, nearly two dozen municipalities in Texas were hit with ransomware. Those are high-profile targets, so they are naturally going to be reported and heavily covered in the news. This affected millions of people in each instance. Don’t think for a second, however, that your small business is in the clear just because it’s small. Don’t fall into the delusion that you, as an individual or as an organization, aren’t “worth attacking” for whatever reason. It’s time for a major reality check.

Data is Worth More Than Oil

That’s right, your personal data (let alone your business’ data) is literally worth more than oil – once known as “black gold”. Medical records, credit card numbers, social security numbers… your email account… your bank account… the list is nearly endless. The only person who isn’t a target is the hermit up in the mountains who wouldn’t know a cell tower if it fell on him, because he’s completely “off the grid” and has no data to steal! (I’m assuming you don’t want to be that person or why would you be here?)

Movies are Fun – Being a Victim of Cyber Crime is NOT

The cliché “lonely wiz-kid in their parents’ basement” is now solidly the domain of fiction. People see the movie “Hackers” and think that it’s somehow accurate. These days, criminal organizations are running effectively global enterprises, often with the backing of their home nation-states. They run just like legitimate businesses with CEOs, engineers, revenue reports, etc. In fact, cyber crime has evolved so far that many of them have backed away from doing any real direct campaigns themselves. Instead, they now support would-be hackers and cyber-criminals around the world. They help these people get up and running with turn-key campaigns and scams. It’s even the same business model as legitimate IT firms: provide continual access to tools and support for a monthly fee… and their buyers are all too eager to drop that cash because they see the value.

“Why bother learning to hack when it’s already done for me? Easy money!!!” – Some amateur “hacker”, probably

When it comes to cyber security, keep this in mind: just because you’ve never (knowingly) been infected, that DOES NOT mean you’re IMMUNE. There’s a popular quote going around that I’ll paraphrase here: “There are two types of businesses: Ones that have been hit by a cyber attack and ones that just don’t it know yet.” There are thousands of new threats being developed and released every day. New vectors of attack are being discovered and exploited regularly.

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If cyber crime was a country, and its annual revenue were referenced as its “GDP,” it would be the THIRD LARGEST ECONOMY ON THE PLANET. If that doesn’t get your attention, I don’t know what will.

Properly configured, your IT environment can be a shield rather than a “welcome” sign. Make the investment.

One Last Thing…

Perfect security does not exist and any “IT professional” telling you otherwise is either utterly incompetent or running a scam. JCS is constantly re-evaluating every tool used and every service offered. The tools we use to run and protect your business are the same ones we use to protect and run our own.