Started (officially) in 2006, this once “you break it, we fix it” business has evolved into a full-fledged managed IT services practice. While residential users will always have needs to be addressed, the smallest of small businesses have suffered needlessly for too long. Most either don’t know what they need, or feel that what they have is “good enough”. Without a properly planned and implemented IT infrastructure, all the technology needed to run and support the business is left to non-technical people. JCS is here to change that.

Everyone has that “friend/family member that’s good at…” whatever it is you need help with. Maybe you call them first, but once it’s a serious matter, even they’ll tell you to call in the professionals. Toothache? Dentist. Legal concern? Lawyer. The technology backbone of your entire operation? Your teenage nephew between games of Fortnite. Wait… no…

Cutting corners is the quickest way to destroy your reputation and tank any operational efficiency you try to put in place. We see how government departments often go with the “lowest bidder” in the hopes of saving us taxpayers potentially “millions” on a contract, only to have the whole project take months/years longer than expected with no end to new problems that keep popping up. Successful businesses don’t work that way. Neither should yours.

JCS, a fellow small business, is especially qualified to help you get your IT situation sorted and humming along. Let us handle the “technical stuff” and you focus on making money. Neat concept, right?