Do you remember that kid in the neighborhood that was always taking things apart just to see how they worked? Yeah, everyone remembers that kid. He’d get chased around the block by his father for dismantling his workbench drill (or something equally inconvenient).


Then there was the other kid… the one that didn’t just take things apart, he put them back together again. Correctly. You wouldn’t likely have remembered him as much, as he wasn’t being chased around for creating little piles of useless parts from once-working devices. He’s the one that would end up with all his friends’ “broken” toys after they said “if you can fix it, you can have it”. Well…he did.

In case you were wondering, yeah, I was that kid.

Well, the “personal computer” was a new thing back then and I was one of the first kids on the block to have one. (Ok, it wasn’t mine, but still…) Over the next several years, I got to learn about swapping parts, upgrading, etc. There’s really nothing like hands-on experience to learn something. Little did I know then that all that experience would one day become my business! Now I do for people’s laptops and desktops what I did for my friends’ toys back then. The difference is I actually return what I fix to the owners and get paid instead, with many thanks and smiling faces.

Yeah… I love my job. 🙂