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I can take it with me

I generally just fix the issue on-site, but sometimes there’s just too much to do or your system is just too stubborn to be dealt with within a reasonable time frame on-site. In those cases, I can take your computer with me and bring it back when it’s done.

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I come to you!

When computers act up, it seems to happen JUST as you need them most. When you need your system up and running again as soon as possible, I can help. My hourly on-site rate is very reasonable.

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I can help remotely!

Sometimes, your system still works, but it begins acting erratically or slows to a crawl. If you can get online, I can take control remotely and may be able to get you squared away without either of us having to move an inch. Convenient!

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I’m very thorough

No matter the issue I’m addressing on your machine, every laptop and desktop that comes into my shop gets a comprehensive once-over to make sure no other pesky problems are lurking. Forewarned is forearmed!

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My specialties

A little summary of the primary services I provide ...

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We’ve all seen the news articles or heard reports of top companies like Home Depot and Target getting hit with malware that was stealing credit card info. Those are high-profile targets, so they are naturally going to be attacked. Don’t think for a second, however, that you’re in the clear.…

Got a new computer? Laptop, desktop, doesn’t matter. I can set it up by installing the software you need, configuring your security setup, and hooking it up to the networks and peripherals you use. System setup is more or less fairly straightforward. What isn’t are all the changes that come with…

Safeguard your computer against problems that could slow it down, whether it’s malware, system-level corruption, or hardware issues. Most problems I see are preventable with a little care, some basic training, and the appropriate software. Even data loss due to hardware failure is avoidable if proper precautions are taken. This doesn’t…

With everyone being connected these days, it’s more important than ever to have your home network set up properly. Even if you only have one computer, if you get online at home, you have a network. The hardware that gets you online may be acting up, causing wireless signal loss,…

What My Clients Say ...

Kat W.

"He logged into our laptop from home at about 7 pm and stayed on it until 1 am, totally clearing up the problem areas and resulting in a machine that worked faster and cooler than when purchased new a year ago"

Kat W. Client comment - from JCS' Yelp page
John S.

"Our phone line was struck by lightning and made a mess of our modem, router and desktop. Jerry sorted through the damage, saved what equipment he could, replaced the damaged and in addition improved our home network."

John S. Client comment - from JCS' Yelp page