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Monitor, Manage, Maintain

The three “hats” of monitoring, managing, and maintaining your IT infrastructure should never be worn by non-technical staff. This goes double if you’re a sole proprietor or freelancer. Technology is critical to running your business, no matter how new or how small. Start treating it that way.¬†

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Remote Worker Enablement

We can help your employees access work resources from home, in many cases using their own personal computers! This obviously has some risks involved, so let’s talk about how to mitigate them and fully enable your people to do their best work, wherever they are.

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What We Do

A little summary of the primary services we provide

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Safeguard your computer against problems that could slow it down, whether it’s malware, system-level corruption, or hardware issues.¬†Most problems I see are preventable with a little care, some basic training, and the appropriate software. Even data loss due to hardware failure is avoidable if proper precautions are taken. This doesn’t…

With everyone being connected these days, it’s more important than ever to have your home network set up properly. Even if you only have one computer, if you get online at home, you have a network. The hardware that gets you online may be acting up, causing wireless signal loss,…

We’ve all seen the news articles. We’ve all heard about the reports. Large organizations like Target, Home Depot, and Equifax got hit with malware a few years ago, compromising customer data, payment info, etc. In 2019, nearly two dozen municipalities in Texas were hit with ransomware. Those are high-profile targets,…