After years of intention, collaboration, regrouping, etc… it’s FINALLY HERE!!!! I’m almost happy enough to cry…

As for what you’ll find here on the blog portion of my business site, I plan to have a good spread of useful info. I’m not going to state any kind of schedule for posting, and not everything I post will be about repair, or even necessarily computers. I’m a professional geek, and there’s plenty of things to geek out about. At the very least, I’ll try to keep it interesting.

I’m looking to post about computer security, end-user best practices for staying safe, and general info to make your computing life easier. I might also start doing reviews of software and/or hardware, though¬†don’t expect a detailed, jargon-laden breakdown. There’s tons of sites with huge budgets and lots of experience there, so they can have that. This will mostly be opinions based on my personal experience in how I use such things either in my business or in my personal life and how they might benefit you.

That said, if I get a little jargon-heavy, please forgive me. I do sometimes forget that not everyone knows what I do and that many words I use a lot aren’t actually part of everyday¬†speech. Please feel free to leave a comment asking for clarification, and I’ll do my best to oblige. Or, just leave a comment anyway. It’s always good to know people are listening!

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